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Cyber security threats
and risks of nowadays

In a world, entirely dependent on fragile connectivity, unsecure technology and disgruntled insiders with access to mission-critical information, business leaders are left to fight with a legion of mutating threats, eroding defenses, interventionist regulations and artificially intelligent threat actors. These people are beginning to realize that their ability to protect is progressively compromised, that escaping death from compromise is almost impossible.

There has never been a greater organizational need to find a place away from the darkness of the digital abyss where the most precious but fragile business asset - information, can feel safe. This place is called AMATAS.

Best practices and
Cyber security solutions

AMATAS was created by design to converge the three dimensions of security: Physical, Cyber and Human. Operating in as-a-Service mode, AMATAS is here to ameliorate anxieties of insecurity by offering forward-looking adaptive defense solutions engineered with people-centric approach and business outcome driven mindset. AMATAS is here to give your information the safe haven of assurance and trust. AMATAS is where your information feels safe.


Amatas provides a wide range
of services in the security field

Amatas defines the quality standards of new
security services

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Security Assessment Services

Data breach simulation

Penetration Testing

DYNAMIC Application Security Testing

Cloud Security Due Diligence

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Consultancy services

Rapid Compliance Assessment

Compliance Program Management

GDPR Design & Deployment


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Behaviour management

Lie detection

Awareness training

Social Engineering as a Service

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Cyber Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Complex Computer and age estimation expertise (pedophile expertise)

Mobile Forensics

Social Media Forensics

Forensic Consultancy & Trainings

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VIP Services

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Through wide knowledge and experience, we translate risk into tailored solutions to help information feel safe. 

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