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We’re ready to join forces with you to extend our common footprint, scope of products and services, realizing the huge growth potential of the cybersecurity market.

Ultimately, we strive to inspire confidence and provide excellent value to our customers through a mutually beneficial relationship with similar organizations.

First-Class Expertise

Work alongside some of the best-known experts in the field of cybersecurity and build confidence and trust with your customers.

Custom Support

Get full support and training from the AMATAS team and become a part of a new generation of managed security services.

Revenue Growth

Reengage your current customer base and introduce new opportunities to innovative cybersecurity solutions backed by the AMATAS team.

Reseller Partner

Become an approved AMATAS reseller with free training on our services and unlimited support from our team. We ensure our reseller partners get discounts, price protection, deal registration, and marketing materials access.
Contact us for more information, and let’s do business together.

Referral Partner

As part of our referral program, we will help you boost your business with minimum effort and time from your end. You will get training about our services and access to online tools and materials.
Since the AMATAS Referral Partner Program syncs your team with our cybersecurity specialists, expertise from your side is not needed.
Log opportunities and leave the rest to the AMATAS Business Development team.

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