The defense model for your cyber-resilient business operations

AMATAS has developed a visionary early threat detection and analysis cyber defense model as a countermeasure to sophisticated attacks. It guarantees the prevention of hacker attempts to penetrate computer systems and networks.


Assess the exposure to all relevant threats and risks that could harm the revenue, reputation or viability of the organization via vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, secure code review.


Act responsibly to stay in control and ensure the execution of the organization’s business strategy, objectives, and mission via risk management, business enablement, cyber governance, compliance, finance, and cybersecurity project management.


Resist and respond to attacks from any threat actor and dynamically adapt to enhance organizational defense capabilities via 24/7 monitoring, detection and response, vulnerability management, threat hunting, cyber forensics and threat intelligence.


Continuously improve to increase the business’ resilience and ability to deal with the security requirements and expectations of the market and stakeholders via managed security awareness and assigned virtual data protection officer.

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