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The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable and targeted by cyberattacks due to a wide and often unprotected attack surface. The aimed for data includes patients’ protected health records, financial details like credit card and bank account numbers, personally identifying information, intellectual property related to medical research and innovation. Hacks in the systems of those organizations can result in an increased number of days in hospital of patients, poor results and delays in procedures and examinations, increased number of instances of ambulance diversions calls issued and even increase in patient mortality.

The lack of awareness and ineffective protection measures means hacking risks are not being identified or mitigated in time. It’s never been a better time for healthcare businesses and institutions to increase their cyber security efforts. From increasing state and federal regulations to protecting patient health and safety, the digital threats that healthcare institutions face are growing ever more severe. Contact us if you need help determining where your organization stands regarding cybersecurity. We can assure you are cyber-safe by monitoring your systems 24/7 and making sure the digital data you work with is kept private.

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As the healthcare industry evolves and digitally transforms, so does its cybersecurity risk. Managing these risks requires a whole new approach to information security and cybersecurity. Medical organizations must focus on protecting patient data and ensuring that their staff members are well-versed in the basics of cyber safety hygiene. While planning for a potential breach, healthcare organizations must consider how long it will take to recover from a data breach and execute an effective response plan. Cyber safety is not an IT issue, and to be able and strategic risk management is possible with managed cybersecurity solutions at all levels.

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