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Reducing risk in an increasingly complex world, avoiding being blindsided by change, and understanding how rapidly emerging technologies can be used to compete more effectively are all challenges posed by the rapid pace of the digital transformation of manufacturing happening today.

A combination of reliance on new technologies and increased connectivity and accessibility means that hackers have more opportunities to access data, cause disruption to the network and ultimately harm manufacturers. This can result in loss of information and financial losses due to damage or disruption caused by cyber attacks.

From SMB factories to smart factories which are adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, all sizes and types of manufacturing must focus on cybersecurity from the get-go to stay ahead of their cybercrime adversaries. But what is the best way to achieve this?

The answer is to make cybersecurity part of your genetic code. AMATAS managed services can build it into your system design, into every aspect of your development and operations cycle – from securing the code of your custom-made ERM system to monitoring your systems 24/7 and applying the optimal digital safety solution for your business.

Cybersecurity Part
of Your Genetic Code

Cyber Safety
Top of Mind

Manufacturers need to be more aware of cybercrime and how to prevent it. This means rigorous staff training on the types of threats they might encounter and planning what to do during a cyber-attack. It includes identifying threats, protecting your systems and staff against them, planning your response to threats, and working out how you would recover from an attack.

AMATAS has developed expertise and understanding in the industries our experts have supported over the years. We became a trusted technology partner by helping our clients to realize their full potential without the fear of cyber threats and attacks.

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Build Secure Applications with Our Expert Cybersecurity Solutions


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