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Cybersecurity is often not considered by many software development companies and even less by individual programmers, who are dedicated to creating software that enables the core functions they envision offering functionality and happiness to their clients.
Stolen data can lead to countless hours and money spent retrieving critical files, regaining customer trust, and rebuilding a damaged reputation.
When tons of code is being generated and used from open sources, integration of cybersecurity experts into the SDLC is more needed than ever before to prevent retroactive initiatives and provide a sustainable model for other software developers to follow.

Although most cybersecurity specialists are not software programmers, they understand the development lifecycle regarding security. They team up with software development engineers to produce a resilient threats code and unveil opportunities for hackers.
Some development models allow cybersecurity factors into play during the design and testing phases, with limited opportunities to impact the software after deployment. While with other development methodologies security considerations are involved at almost every step of the coding cycle, with quick discovery and improvement of vulnerabilities emphasized.


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Build Secure Applications with Our Expert Cybersecurity Solutions


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