Hackers exploit Adobe Flash zero-day vulnerability to hijack Windows computers

10 December 2018

Malicious ActiveX-embedded documents are distributed via phishing emails.

100 Million Quora Users Attacked

6 December 2018

A massive cybersecurity breach of the Q&A website compromised personal data of million users.

Personal Data of 500 Million Marriott Hotels‘ Customers Were Compromised

3 December 2018

This data security breach is one of the largest in history!

Turning the abstractness of cybersecurity into a personal matter

30 November 2018

AMATAS’ Chief Cybersecurity Strategist Boris Goncharov held a presentation during the Technical seminar, organized by the ISSA European Network (IEN) on the topic of data exchange between social security institutions

Google Is Accused by 7 EU Countries for GDPR Violations

28 November 2018

Google would need to pay more than $4 billion, if the accusations against the company get confirmed.

Germany Imposed Its First GDPR Fine

26 November 2018

An online dating platform has been fined because of user data leak of almost 2 million people.

Hacker With Half a Billion Stolen Login Credentials from LinkedIn, Dropbox and Twitter Is Now Revealed

23 November 2018

A famous cybercriminal has been subject of serious investigation and now his real name is exposed.

Hackers Scammed Pathé with €19 Million

19 November 2018

Here's how the hacker movies were born...

Digital Transformation Is Exposing Companies To Higher And More Costly Cyber Risks, Global Benchmark Study Reveals

16 November 2018

According to a global benchmarking study of 1,300 companies, those whose cybersecurity practices do not keep pace with their digital transformation initiatives are more likely to see $1 million or more in losses from cyberattacks.

Many Patients at Risk of Hacker Attacks

12 November 2018

Vulnerabilities in Roche's medical devices put patients' lives and health at risk because of hacking.

Hackers Attacked the US HSBC Bank and Stole Bank Аccounts Data

9 November 2018

How safe is our money if our data is not?

In Moments of Crisis Outsourced Cybersecurity Can be of Critical Importance for the Banks

1 November 2018

Ivo Dimitrov and Lyubomir Tulev, cybersecurity experts at AMATAS, were key note speakers at a specialized conference, organized by the ‘Banker’ newspaper.