We shared our experience in cybersecurity and cybercrime investigations with 40 law-enforcement agents from EU

5 April 2019

In our mission to make cybersecurity a feature of every organisation, to us it is important to share our experience and knowledge and, together with our partners, keep our skills always sharp.

New Study Reveals that 20% of Employees Think They Own Their Company’s Data

27 March 2019

A new study by the independent British research organisation Opinion Matters, sponsored by Egress, juxtaposes IT leaders’ and employees’ perspectives and reveals major discrepancies.

Outsourcing Cybersecurity Services is a Steady Tendence, New Global Report Reveals

22 March 2019

Netscout’s report shows that with the increase of cyberattacks on a global scale, nowadays companies cannot afford neglecting their protection and rely on outsourced services.

Citrix Became a Victim of Massive Data Breach

18 March 2019

The leading software company might have been a cybersecurity attack victim for years. The announced consequences are of 6 TB leaked data. However, this could be the tip of an iceberg.

With Veracode on Board, AMATAS Helps Organisations Build Secure Software

14 March 2019

Our place in the sped-up process of software development is to help organisations have the right security tools and policies and implement them seamlessly in the software development lifecycle. To deliver on this promise, we are partnering with Veracode.

AMATAS partners with Vicarius to take application security to a whole new level

3 March 2019

We have just signed our partnership with Vicarius — an impressive cybersecurity startup, working on a revolutionary solution to a sophisticated problem, application security.

The Irish Data Protection Commission Annual Report Reveals Significant Boost in Complaints After GDPR

1 March 2019

The leading watchdog's report shows a significant increase in complaints and notifications to the regulatory body. Is this promising or shows a deterioration in the cybersecurity realm - read in the article below.

Hackers Could Track Phones Through Vulnerabilities In 4G, 5G

26 February 2019

Newly discovered flaws allow calls interception and phone location detection.

AMATAS brings Darktrace’s AI to the Bulgarian cybersecurity market

25 February 2019

By partnering with Darktrace, we are captivated by the prospect of helping organisations in Bulgaria and the region embrace cutting edge technologies for cyber defense.

What Are The Watering Hole Attacks And How To Protect Ourselves?

24 February 2019

It is important to be well informed about the risks in the virtual reality. Therefore, AMATAS provides you with the up-to-date news and advice which can help you protect your and your organisation's cybersecurity.

Sensitive Data Exposure Happens Mostly via Emails at Work, New Study Reveals

22 February 2019

A new research reveals the trends and root causes of accidental data breaches in the USA.

Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Domain

15 February 2019

AMATAS was invited to join Sofia CyberSec on February 14th in order to share knowledge on cybersecurity issues and trends. Read here more about the demonstrations during our Security Lab.