Hacked British Airways Customers' Number Is Increasing

29 October 2018

77,000 additional customers have suffered a security breach regarding bank card data used by British Airways passengers.

Austria Issued Its First GDPR Fine

25 October 2018

Inappropriately marked surveillance camera cost EUR 4,800 to its owner.

Cybersecurity Breach Might Cost $50 Million to Yahoo

24 October 2018

Hackers attacked Yahoo more than once since 2013 and the affected accounts add to the staggering 3 billion.

iPhone Bug Gives Еveryone Access to Your Private Pictures

22 October 2018

Users do believe these smartphones are protected...

95% of Employees Find Their Organization’s Culture of Cybersecurity Insufficient, New Study Reveals

17 October 2018

Around 4,560 business and technology professionals find a huge gap between companies’ current and desired organizational culture of cybersecurity.

Pentagon revealed cybersecurity breach!

15 October 2018

Hackers stole personal data of tens of thousands of military and civilian US Defense Department personnel.

Google+ Is Shutting Down After Months of Silence About a Bug

12 October 2018

Data leak was made possible due to a bug, pretty similar to Facebook’s one which caused the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, Google preferred to keep this for themselves until now.

Lyubomir Tulev, Cybersecurity Expert, on Bloomberg TV: Companies’ Vulnerability Comes From Untimely Check of the Partners and the Products They Work With

10 October 2018

The positive effect of the multiple scandals in the recent past is that the companies will begin making these checks before a product becomes available for clients.

The Russian Spies’ Hacking Attack Was Designed as a Vengeance

8 October 2018

You think there is no connection between spies, hackers and sports? Think twice!

US, British and Dutch Оfficials: GRU officers Are in Charge of a Series of Cybercrimes

5 October 2018

Russia was condemned by the US, British and Dutch authorities for maintaining a hacking campaign which compromises democracy on multiple levels.

California is The First State With an Internet of Things Cybersecurity Law

3 October 2018

Governor Jerry Brown signed the cybersecurity law which covers smart devices after long debates surrounding the pros and cons of the bill, SB-327, introduced last year.

Telegram leaks IP addresses because of vulnerability

2 October 2018

A serious cybersecurity issue with the Telegram Messenger application leads to the leak of its users' IP addresses.