Hacker Group of Romanian, Bulgarian and American Cybercriminals Arrested

11 February 2019

The US authorities have ordered the extradition of members of a hacker group based in Romania, including a Bulgarian.

Nearly 60,000 Data Breaches Reported Since the Launch of GDPR

8 February 2019

Multinational law firm released a report about the up-to-date number of reported GDPR breaches. The Netherlands leads the table, Lithuania is at its bottom.

Google Play Removed About 30 Fake Android Apps

4 February 2019

Google has banned multiple malicious Android apps that steal users' files.

Hackers Stole Personal Information from Airbus

31 January 2019

Another huge company has experienced an attack to its information systems, leading to personal data leak.

Hackers Attack WordPress Sites Using Zero-Day Flaw in a Plugin

28 January 2019

The Total Donations plugin presents a serious cybersecurity risk on WordPress sites.

Google Sanctioned With 50 Million Euro - Consequences And Comments

24 January 2019

Google will need to pay 50 million euro as a GDPR penalty. Read what results can be expected from the record fine.

France: € 1.6 Billion More to Improve Cybersecurity

21 January 2019

The state will invest funds and professionals for better cyber defence.

Bug Bounty Programs Improve Companies’ Cybersecurity

18 January 2019

New type of cybersecurity efforts gain popularity – the so called “bug bounty programs”, where security researchers are paid for finding software vulnerabilities.

Hackers Have New Method of Bypassing Office 365 Protections

15 January 2019

There is a new wave of hacker attacks in the wild exploiting zero-width spaces.

German Politicians Became Victims of Massive Cybersecurity Attack

9 January 2019

Hundreds of politician and celebrities are in the centre of one of the biggest cybersecurity breaches in Germany for the past decades.

Dark Overlord Hacker Group Published Terrorist Attacks Secret Files

7 January 2019

The Dark Overlord published the first batch of a huge amount of confidential documents related to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Facebook Can Track You on Android

4 January 2019

Sharing data on Facebook is possible when you are logged out of the social network and even if you don’t have an account on it.