Boris Goncharov on BNT: The Personal Profile is a Precious Resource and Has Huge Importance on Internet

1 October 2018

According to the chief cybersecurity strategist at AMATAS the Facebook attack’s importance is substantial because personal profiles in the social networks are precious resource for every user.

Facebook Became a Victim of Cybercriminals - At Least 50 Мillion Accounts Have Been Compromised

28 September 2018

Facebook's engineering team discovered the security issue on Tuesday, 25 September. This was followed by immediate measures in order their clients’ security to be protected.

Lyubomir Tulev, Cybersecurity Expert, on RN TV: “Hackers Are Always One Step Ahead”

28 September 2018

Cybercirminals are excellent psychologists. Therefore, they rely on the human factor, defining us as vulnerable with our behaviour on the net.

Hackers stole $60 million from a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform

25 September 2018

Zaif, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is the new hackers victim.

Millennials Pay More Attention to Cybersecurity Than You Might Think

21 September 2018

A new study from Radware reveals insight on the current relationship between millennials, cybersecurity and data privacy. And it seems that millennials are really careful with giving up their personal data.

Russian spies tried to hack the Swiss lab investigating the Skripal case

17 September 2018

The Dutch authorities expelled two Russian spies because of their attempt to penetrate the laboratory analyzing the data of the Novichok attack on Skripal.

Russian Hacker with 80 Million Victims was Indicted by the US Feds

12 September 2018

The US Department of Justice announced the indictment of a cybercriminal who hacked JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions between 2012 and 2015.

How fast can all your money fly away?

10 September 2018

And the answer: In a second. Hackers stole the British Airways customers' bank data.

Information Security Spending Will Rise Up to $124 Billion in 2019

7 September 2018

The three top segments that will cost more to companies are security services, infrastructure protection and network security equipment

Air Canada: The new hackers` victim

3 September 2018

All company`s customers using the mobile application must urgently change their passwords.

How dangerous can the fast food be?

28 August 2018

Hackers stole the bank data of half a million Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen's customers

Two-thirds of the Small Organizations Have Experienced Cybersecurity Incident Over the Past Two Years

23 August 2018

Cybersecurity attacks are reported by nearly 70% of small business representatives in North America, shows a recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group