Vicarius is an impressive cybersecurity startup. We have closely followed their work on a revolutionary solution to a sophisticated problem — application security. We just signed our partnership and you are yet to hear more about them! But let us set the right start of the story.

Users and organisations rely on all sorts of applications — browsers, word processors, video players, database applications, server applications, just to name a few. As it has become clear, no single software is completely secure — they all have vulnerabilities that are yet to be identified and fixed.

For example, in 2018 alone, 16555 new software vulnerabilities were publicly identified (and many remain unknown). 45 per day on average. In most cases, software vendors release a patch weeks later. On average, it takes another 180 days for a patch to be applied by organisations. What are the consequences? 90% of successful attacks have utilised a software weakness – an intolerable success rate — leading to WannaCry stories.

Vicarius and their Topia are aiming high — in simple words, they want to keep applications protected. Once integrated in an organisation’s network, Topia is able to analyse all used applications for vulnerabilities, missing patches for example. However, it goes many steps further — it identifies possible zero-day vulnerabilities. On the local level, on each device its security agent is running, Topia isolates the running applications in silos and does not allow unusual, unauthorized and malicious access to their functions and data by other applications. The result of this approach is that applications are protected and so is your data.

With Vicarius’ Topia, by implementing our services in organisations, we give them the ability to stay protected while software vulnerabilities are identified and patched. Further, they can continue running legacy software (not a good practice, but inevitable in many situations). With a clear visibility into processes and their behaviour, our team of experts can react quickly to new and unknown threats and block them, before a vulnerable application is exploited. We have run multiple simulations and live tests with Vicarius team and clients of ours and are fascinated by the effectiveness of the solution.

Feel free to request more details in the meantime, by contacting Borislav Sestrimski, Security Architect at AMATAS, on office [at] amatas [dot] com!