In the end of March, AMATAS welcomed 40 law-enforcement agents — police inspectors and prosecutors — from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria. Their visit was part of the initiative to the Erasmus+ project for exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices between EU institutions. Beneficiary of the project in Bulgaria among the cybercrime law enforcement authorities is Cybercrime Department at General Directorate Countering Organised Crime (GDBOP).

In the spirit of our successful partnership, Lyubomir Tulev, Chief Cyber Security Operations Lead at AMATAS, led the programme. Before joining AMATAS, Tulev had been a member of the Cybercrime Department team, thus having invaluable experience in both the public and the private sector. He demonstrated practical methods and tools for data collection from publicly available sources (open-source intelligence). He talked about the dark net as a source of information and cutting-edge tools for tracking of the activities of malicious people and groups.

In our mission to make cybersecurity a feature of every organisation, to us it is important to share our experience and knowledge and, together with our partners, keep our skills always sharp. We would like to thank GDBOP and the Cybercrime Department for the opportunity to do so.