Organisations depend on software — corporate and product websites, client-facing web and mobile applications, internal applications. In many cases, they are built by internal development teams, whose responsibility is to react quickly to business requirements and add or extend software features, as they embrace DevOps practices. At the same time, they have to produce quality and secure code.

As Veracode’s State of Software Security signifies, almost every application that is scanned for security flaws, has at least one. One in three is of high to very high severity. The fact is it takes time for software security flaws to get identified and fixed, leaving applications vulnerable to misuse.

Our place in the sped-up process of software development is to help organisations have the right security tools and policies and implement them seamlessly in the software development lifecycle. To deliver on this promise, we are partnering with Veracode — the leading application security platform!

Together, we let organisations enjoy the benefits of shipping secure software without sacrificing speed and efficiency. We help them reduce the number of flaws that are introduced by each code contributor and understand the vulnerabilities open source libraries could add to their applications. With Static (SAST) and Dynamic (DAST) analyses we identify vulnerabilities, quickly sift out the ones that need special attention from the false-positives and prioritise their remediation.

Security is the cumulative effect of every step we make and we are thrilled to have Veracode on board! Let Borislav Sestrimski, Security Architect at AMATAS, discuss the benefits of application testing for your organisation on office [at] amatas [dot] com.