Complete Cyber Protection
For The Modern Network

Prevent? Detect? Respond? Heal? Yes.

Darktrace Self-Learning AI is an innovative software that analyzes data in real-time, seeking out subtle anomalies in every piece of information.

It helps companies avoid disruption risks through an AI-guided system. Darktrace automatically adapts to new threats and evolves within the organization by combining threat intelligence with contextual awareness to respond instantly. Darktrace DETECT and RESPOND acts within seconds to neutralize threats, regardless of whether you’ve seen them before.

The most advanced threat detection

Offers cutting edge tools

Old monitoring tools are blind to threats you can’t see. Darktrace AI lets you predict, prevent and respond to attacks using your existing infrastructure by identifying what’s expected on your network and pinpointing digital anomalies on the pattern.

Defends from new threats

Darktrace/Network builds a baseline of regular activity by learning every nuance of your bespoke organization. Self-Learning AI continuously monitors for anomalies and takes action to neutralize threats, regardless of whether you’ve seen them before.

Stops attacks in seconds

Darktrace takes the right action at the right time, preventing significant damage and minimizing business disruption. Darktrace detects and responds to threats in real time before they result in substantial incidents or data loss. Unparalleled detection accuracy and machine learning mean that Darktrace is always one step ahead of hackers and malware.

Keeps the human in the loop

Darktrace’s unique Explainable AI augments your security team with a high-performing, self-learning network that continuously learns, predicts, and adapts. It allows you to increase the accuracy and operational efficiency of protection against cyber adversaries.

DETECT action at every stage and RESPOND by blocking matching connections and stopping lateral movement.

Hack detection

in any part of the enterprise

AI-driven investigation

at speed and scale

Total coverage

of your digital business

Attack interruption in seconds

Not sure where to start
with cybersecurity?

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