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KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training is the world’s most popular integrated platform for reducing your organization’s risk from cybersecurity threats.

With the simulated phishing attacks, you can teach your team the essential skills to recognize and avoid phishing attacks. KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training is the most cost-effective way to protect your organization from social engineering and ransomware attacks. Train your team now and stay ahead of the bad guys!

Human Firewall

Unlimited use

Unlimited access Training platform with three subscription levels, giving you access to the content library of 1000+ items based on your subscription level. The platform includes unlimited access to all phishing features.

Smart groups

Smart Groups is the innovation that makes it easier to automatically personalize and tailor training based on each employee’s behavior and expertise. Use Smart Groups to build simulated phishing email campaigns and onboarding training, get instant feedback when someone clicks on a phishing email, create targeted remedial learning assignments, or have new employees automatically notified of specific onboarding training.

Custom phishing & landing pages

Customizing Phishing Templates allow you to target your employees based on their personal information. You can simulate a unique attack scenario, then email it to all the employees in your organization. This scenario can have its own Custom Landing Page, so you can specifically phish for sensitive information.

Simulated attachments

Your customized Phishing Templates can also include simulated attachments in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. (also zipped versions of these files). The attachments are simulated to appear very professional.

Advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting generates reports that generate analytics to check key awareness training indicators. Report on the performance of all your campaigns and share those insights with your team. 60+ pre-built reports allow you to quickly get insight into the success of your overall awareness training program.

Risk scoring

Risk Scoring is an innovative new feature to help companies monitor their overall risk. It allows you to see how your performance is relative to your company and other employees, giving you the data needed to take necessary action based on your business goals.

Free Cybersecurity Tools

Test Your Users and Your Network

Automated simulated phishing attacks

using templates with unlimited usage


to the world’s largest library of training content


phishing and training recommendations based on users’ training history


to gauge the proficiency of the users

Active Directory

or SCIM integration

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