Free Cybersecurity Tools​

Test Your Users and Your Network

Learn how to
protect your users

With free and easy-to-use Phishing Security Tools. See how you stack up against your peers and the industry benchmark by starting phishing your users now.

Get a customized
security awareness
training program

For your organization and access to the world’s largest library of training content (interactive modules, video games, newsletters)

Inspect the strength

Of your employees’ passwords, the browser, and the multi-factor authentication. Be sure that hacked passwords are not used within the organization.

Test your mail server configuration

Most of your organization’s email addresses and identities are exposed on the internet and are easy to find for cybercriminals. Test your mail server configuration and see the organization’s users who are at risk. Keep them from exposing to the internet and helping them become harder to find.

See how your
users react

To phishing attacks, ransomware, and crypto mining. Use RanSim to conduct simulated phishing attacks and see how many people fall for them. Prepare your employees to avoid getting infected by these dangerous threats.

Not sure where to start
with cybersecurity?

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