Octopus Enterprise

“Best-in-Class” Enterprise Workforce Passwordless MFA

Octopus Authentication is a
high-assurance, passwordless authentication system for enterprise customers

It includes all the advantages of passwordless authentication and improves upon them. Octopus Authentication implements a complete solution for all enterprise users and its infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud, online and offline.

Reliable and risk-free deployments

Future-Ready Workforce Authentication

Replace all employee passwords using the Octopus Passwordless Enterprise platform with passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). Provide more secure protection and a better user experience.

Rotation-Based Passwordless approach

Enable complete coverage for employee enterprise: laptops and desktops, VPNs and remote access systems, Cloud and SaaS Applications, Remote Management and Support Tools, administrative accounts and Legacy On-Prem Applications. 

Complete password elimination

Eliminating passwords, even on password dependent legacy systems and on-premises IAM platforms. The result is a more secure domain and easier access to anything, anytime.

Simple and flexible installation process

An organization of any size and type can find easily manageable configuration templates. They are fast and keep all users synced with the domain directory. Can be managed with remote workers or with a missing desktop MFA with no problem.

Selection of password-free authentication methods

The transition can be made in three ways: Octopus Authenticator, 3rd Party Authenticators, or with FIDO2 Keys. The business can choose the method they prefer, or use a mix of them.

Offline authentication

Octopus Authentication enables organizations to increase their security and lets people work consistently even when not connected to the Internet. Users can use the Octopus service via a local wireless connection between the phone and the workstation (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy).

Better protection and greater user experience from the start with
Secret Double Octopus Enterprise.

High-assurance passwordless authentication

Trouble-free MFA solution to protect any login

Passwordless Enterprise

Reduced operational costs

Not sure where to start
with cybersecurity?

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