Protect your environment from vulnerabilities

TOPIA is a cloud-based cybersecurity vulnerability management platform

Created by Vicarius Security that resolves issues quickly, stops threats before they spread, and identifies and minimizes risk. It helps teams and users monitor their computer and network activities from a single, intuitive platform and resist vulnerabilities.

Multiple Threats. One Solution!

Network scanning
The scanning creates immediate visibility into the network, real-time visualization on the dashboard, and control of the digital assets in the organization.
Threat analysis

The rank of vulnerable assets helps eliminate threats before they impact an organization’s safety. This results in a reduced risk of security breaches and a safer network.

Contextual Prioritization

Prioritizing risk remediation is essential when analyzing threats and vulnerabilities. Get a clear focus on the more significant threats.

Patch Management

The Integrated patch deployment tools cover Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems so the organization can efficiently reduce its risk posture.

Auto actions

TOPIA’s Auto-Actions minimizes workforce while helping respond to threats more efficiently and save time.

Patchless protection

Ensure your company is always protected and threats are eliminated with an in-memory protection feature, even with no available patch or update.

Make smarter and more intelligent decisions for your security by choosing the right InsightIDR package for you.

Risk reduction from day 1

Fast set-up and deployment

Full-featured 14-day trial

Unified platform

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with cybersecurity?

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