Security Assessment Services

service icon Data breach simulation

Data breach simulation

AMATAS offers some of the best Data Breach Simulation services. Through our pro-active service, we consistently evaluate your environment and exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may lead to potential data breaches within your organization.

To achieve this, we execute ongoing data breach scenarios to validate the effectiveness of your security controls, without impacting users or infrastructure. The data breach scenarios are constantly updated to provide you with the most recent known hacker techniques so that you can quickly take corrective actions. Thus, we allow you to see current risk and trends over time, drill into specific findings and remediate data breach vulnerabilities before someone else can take advantage of them.

Let us keep you prepared to mitigate data extraction and malicious behavior in the future. Practice makes perfect.

service icon Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Our esteemed Penetration Testing service enables business to evaluate the effectiveness of endpoint protection and their ability to detect, prevent, and respond to real-world, multi-staged threats. While our data breach simulation is deployed inside your organization, attempting to perform an inside-out breach, here our experienced penetration testers will conduct an invasive technical gap analysis to evaluate the competency of your security controls, security team and processes.

During our penetration testing we play as the hacker, aiming to evaluate your defensive matrix and provide you with a technical analysis without threatening the integrity of your business environment. A vital part of this service is the unique Continuous Remediation Validation – a closed security validation loop where we will find all areas of possible improvement and assist in finding an effective solution to them. In comparison to traditional penetration testing services, we provide unique controlled exploits, leaving no open doors during or after the test.

service icon Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing

Around 99% of all business applications worldwide have security vulnerabilities, providing hackers with an easy pass to their victim’s data. Application Security Testing is a service that we offer to any business that seeks to continuously verify the security and code integrity of any inhouse as well as third party developed applications. By scanning the binary code of your applications, we can provide real-time feedback and information related to the security state of your software compared to the current cybersecurity

Fluent in over 20 programming languages, we will conduct a complete analysis of your compiled or source code (or both) of the software you are using and provide you with a full application security report, pointing out any vulnerabilities that you may or may not be aware of. Our application security testing service is offered as either a one-time engagement where we will test a specific application of your choice or preferably as an integral part of your application development lifecycle, where we will consistently analyze your application code and make sure your new versions are up to the task of enduring today’s security threats.

service icon Cloud Security Due Diligence

Cloud Security Due Diligence

Cloud adoption is no longer simply a technology decision. In many circumstances delicate customer data is being handled by third party vendors of your organization, allowing for a data breach to occur even if you have secured your own environment. Do you want to risk it?

Through our Cloud Security Due Diligence service, we will provide you full visibility of your potential cloud providers’ security capabilities and compliance. It will help you understand how your cloud service vendors implement best practices, protect customer assets and meet the scope of requirements in every service they provide. This will increase the efficiency of the decision-making process and ground decisions in sound reasoning, thereby reducing the likelihood of unforeseen roadblocks to adoption. Let’s make your cloud journey a true adventure!

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Security Assessment Services

Data breach simulation

Penetration Testing

Application Security Testing

Cloud Security Due Diligence

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GDPR as a Service (GDPRaaS)

Rapid Compliance Assessment

GDPR Assessment and Deployment

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

Privacy by Design and by Default (DPOaaS)

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Behaviour management

Social Engineering Services (SES)

Information Security Training

Lie detection

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SECaaS (Security as a Service)

RIMaaS (Risk and Investment Management as a Service)

ECaaS (Enterprise Communications as a Service )

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Cyber Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Complex Computer and Age estimation expertise (pedophile expertise)

Mobile Forensics

Social Media Forensics

Forensic Consultancy & Trainings

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VIP Services

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