Behaviour management

service icon Social Engineering Services (SES)

Social Engineering Services (SES)

Most hacker attacks and data breaches do not target IT systems. They target the employee as he is prone to error and in most cases uneducated about the threats existing outside of his secure perimeter, the company network – the human factor of your security chain. AMATAS’ Social Engineering Services is a unique proposition, offered by no other company on the European Market. Our cyber-security experts will literally assess your employees’ security behavior and readiness through computer-based and human-based social engineering techniques.

Based on the results provided by our reports, we will prepare and deliver a Specialized Security Training where we will upgrade your workforce with the latest updates in physical and computer-based security awareness. The entire training process is online-based and on-demand, so we will train your employees while they are on their desks, without interrupting their day-to-day responsibilities.

Computer-based social engineering is done through a multi-stage simulation, where we will do a fully automated Phishing, Vishing and SMishing attack simulations by utilizing hundreds of unique patterns and community templates with advanced phishing features like Phishing Reply Tracking™, Social Engineering Indicators™ (SEI), Vulnerable Browser Plugin Detection and Artificial Intelligence driven social engineering.

Human-based social engineering is conducted through a series of techniques where we will physically attempt to steal your employee’s information or access his workspace. Some of our techniques include piggybacking, tailgating, shoulder surfing, physical impersonation and reverse social engineering. As a result, we will prepare a full report, highlighting the areas of weakness where your employees need training.

service icon Information Security Training

Information Security Training

The unrivalled Information Security Training, offered by AMATAS is designed to ensure your organization is protected from the most destructive force in the Universe – incompetence. Our experienced instructors deliver vendor-neutral information security trainings from (ISC)², EC-Council and more. Earning certifications from these organizations is an ideal way to prove your skill and knowledge in the cybersecurity domain.

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Lie detection

Lie Detection is a key technique when it comes to employee behavioral management. The Polygraph procedure is useful in both private and public sectors for detecting potential conflict of interests for job applicants, routine loyalty checks for employees, supporting internal audits and security screening & vetting.

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Security Assessment Services

Data breach simulation

Penetration Testing

Application Security Testing

Cloud Security Due Diligence

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GDPR as a Service (GDPRaaS)

Rapid Compliance Assessment

GDPR Assessment and Deployment

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

Privacy by Design and by Default (DPOaaS)

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Behaviour management

Social Engineering Services (SES)

Information Security Training

Lie detection

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SECaaS (Security as a Service)

RIMaaS (Risk and Investment Management as a Service)

ECaaS (Enterprise Communications as a Service )

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Cyber Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Complex Computer and Age estimation expertise (pedophile expertise)

Mobile Forensics

Social Media Forensics

Forensic Consultancy & Trainings

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VIP Services

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