GDPR as a Service (GDPRaaS)

service icon Rapid Compliance Assessment

Rapid Compliance Assessment

AMATAS’ Rapid Compliance Assessment program helps an organization identify the compliance gaps within itself and its partners environment by using a distinguishable enterprise assessment approach. It accounts for all regulations and cybersecurity standards which may impact the organization and asserts what controls need to be in place to address this within the various branches of the company.

The program includes assessments against GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, ISO22301  and others. This is the service you need if you are looking to not only evaluate the compliance of your own company but of your partners as well. We will implement a fully operational, “out of the box” service and provide you with continuous quantified intelligence, thus yielding an easily-understandable, comprehensive overview of your organization’s adherence to standards and regulations. The rapid generation of compliance reports will provide your management team with a constant flow of assurance, helping you focus on the right things in your business.

service icon GDPR Assessment and Deployment

GDPR Assessment and Deployment

GDPR Assessment and Deployment is one of the biggest strengths of AMATAS. Our service offers complete review and assessment of your organization’s current Data Protection and Privacy processes, encompassing the entire lifecycle of handling personally identifiable data and identifying areas for remediation. This allows us to measure the current level of maturity against our unique GDPR compliance management framework and provide you with a clear picture on your compliance levels.

Our experts will conduct a complete Data Flow analysis of your organization, tracing the data flow paths within your organizational and partner structure. Subsequently, based on the results we will deliver a tangible GDPR implementation strategy, accompanied by a roadmap of prioritized steps and milestones. The GDPR design & deployment program is suitable for any company that wishes to assure that they have met all GDPR requirements - from a technical, administrative and legal perspective.

service icon DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

Receive a world-class DPO service from the best professionals in the domain. Get the best data protection assessment tools. Cut back on DPO recruitment costs and expenses. Maintain GDPR compliance. Mitigate privacy risks. Receive real-time data protection compliance reports. Full NDA – no information leakage risks. We offer several layers of DPO service – if you wish to cut back on costs you can go for our automated DPO officer and gain full control of your data protection processes. Choose our fully managed service, and our experts will make sure you get the best out of our DPO offering and kick GDPR right where it hurts.


Our DPO as a Service is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive product yet, suitable for all business sizes and verticals.


The service covers ALL aspects of the GDPR journey (Legal, Technical and Administrative) and its perquisites – from Data Inventory Management past Consent Management all the way to Data Subjects Rights and Evegreen Data Inventory Management. Our DPO service can be fully integrated with your current environment and allows a holistic approach to managing GDPR compliance.

service icon Privacy by Design and by Default (DPOaaS)

Privacy by Design and by Default (DPOaaS)

Our service will let you operationalize Privacy by Design and by Default for each new service, project or process you create. We offer the most comprehensive library of customizable assessment templates, built by in-house privacy experts, which can be tailored to fit your specific organizational workflows. We enable your users to start new projects and monitor the progress of their existing projects from any device, through our responsive self-service portal. Our service offers a completely tailored experience for your business users, based on their department, role or location, and helps increase the accuracy of the data you’re collecting.

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GDPR as a Service (GDPRaaS)

Rapid Compliance Assessment

GDPR Assessment and Deployment

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

Privacy by Design and by Default (DPOaaS)

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