Secure Code Review

With AMATAS secure code review you discover vulnerabilities in your application source code before they can have an impact on your customers.

Early Discovery of Security


Secure code review is a white-box testing approach that includes manual review and automated static application security testing (SAST) of software source code. AMATAS employs domain-specific expertise to look for security-related defects in source code developed using a variety of programing languages and development platforms.

Vulnerabilities are discovered before the affected systems are deployed to production and can be exploited by malicious actors. This protects the reputation of software vendors and reduces the security risk to their customers.

Organizations perform it during the implementation phase of their secure development lifecycle (SDLC), but automated SAST scanning can also be included during software testing. This allows for finding vulnerabilities as early as possible.

Customer benefits of early vulnerability discovery include improved developer productivity and reduced cost of fixing. Early review also encourages collaboration between internal stakeholders, enhances the organization’s knowledge of security vulnerabilities, and promotes a culture of following secure software development practices.

Improved Developer Productivity
and Cost of Fixes


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