Vulnerability Assessment

Scan your applications and infrastructure with AMATAS vulnerability assessment to discover security weaknesses and misconfigurations.

Continuous Discovery
of Security Weaknesses


Vulnerability assessments employ automated tools that scan the customer’s network infrastructure, look for exposed software services, and compare them against databases of known security weaknesses. Automated scans allow customers to perform them often or continuously to discover issues as soon as they arise.

AMATAS provides both on-demand and continuous vulnerability assessment to fit every customer’s needs. Our experts use industry-leading vulnerability scanners with best-practice configurations to maximize scanning effectiveness and reduce the performance impact on the customer environment.

Automated vulnerability scanners are prone to report false positives because they lack knowledge of the customer environment. They frequently provide hard-to-reproduce severities, generic security impact, and insufficient remediation recommendations.

AMATAS confirms all vulnerability scan findings to eliminate false positives. We provide reports tailored to individual customers. The reported severities of all vulnerabilities are based on the security impact to the customer’s environment, which allows effective vulnerability management and remediation prioritization. The findings from the vulnerability assessment also include actionable step-by-step remediation instructions.

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