WAF Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your web application firewall (WAF) to prevent web-based attacks.

Comprehensive WAF
Testing Coverage


Web application firewalls (WAFs) are deployed in front of web applications to scan incoming traffic and block requests with well-known attack payloads. WAFs are used as a cost-effective second line of defense that can protect multiple web applications deployed on heterogenous platforms.

With the evolution of web-based attacks, malicious actors frequently discover novel ways to craft requests that bypass WAF protections. AMATAS assesses the ability of a WAF to detect and block a large number of web application attacks that utilize different parts of HTTP requests.

A comprehensive WAF assessment must consist of a large number of test cases to cover known attack types, different attack payload placement options, and different bypass techniques. This results in increased complexity and technical detail.

AMATAS handles the complexity of the assessment using a systematic approach. We report the testing findings in a thorough report that analyzes the WAF architecture, clearly lists the test outcomes, and provides actionable recommendations.

Thorough Analysis
and Reporting


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