Managed IT Services

Streamline your IT with managed services and effortless tech solutions: installation, remote maintenance, systems analysis and design.

AMATAS Managed IT Operations provides 24/7 support to your employees and customers.

Takes care of the daily IT routines, proactively manages your cloud/on-prem infrastructure, and speeds up your digital transformation journey.

Get all the features
in a single service:

Installation Services

Pinpoints the security flaws and issues within the code of your applications and third-party components and helps you to reduce the risk of their compromise.

Analysis and Design

The most complex yet comprehensive service that enables you to systematize, improve or build your infrastructure with professional guidance in a future-proved approach. We offer end-to-end analysis and design of your organization’s IT security systems, network infrastructure, active directory, backup solutions, automation, and virtual infrastructure.

Remote Maintenance

AMATAS experts support you in maintaining reliable and secure infrastructures. An extended remote team of highly qualified specialists is at your disposal for maintaining reliable and secure infrastructures, servers and their software, virtual environment, active directory support, remote workstation, and IT security systems.

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

Your organization is rapidly digitalizing, adopting disruptive emerging technologies. However, this advancement comes with unprecedented implications and challenges. You are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all DX/IT projects, support issues, infrastructure changes, and ongoing tasks draining out your organizational resources and energy.
Here is what you can achieve by choosing our team:

Improved quality of services and user experience

IT solutions that meet the business goals

More reliable and effective IT services

Greater return of investment from technology-driven innovation

Effective infrastructure utilization

Better oversight on the performance of IT in the organization

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Managed Extended
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Get a cost-effective, advanced, and intuitive 24/7 threat monitoring

Managed Security

We can support you in understanding and strengthening your employees’ security behavior

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