Virtual CISO

Elevate your security posture: virtual CISO driving business-enabling cybersecurity via strategic management and secure
workplace culture.

AMATAS Virtual CISO provides your company with the leadership needed to manage your cyber risks more strategically.

Foster a secure digital workplace culture, and transform cybersecurity from technical support and compliance enforcing role into a business-enabling driving force.

Get all the features
in a single service:

Risk Management

Turns your cyber risks into business decisions by assisting your organization in finding the right balance between investing in security and reducing costs.

Business Enablement

Provides your leadership with a business enabled cybersecurity strategy, easy to understand and manage cybersecurity program and actionable roadmap for delivery of the key security initiatives needed for achieving your business objectives and priorities.

Cyber Governance

Gives you the authority you need to govern and oversee your cybersecurity organization, operations, program and plans.

Compliance Management

Supports the implementation of your internal/external compliance requirements and drives your compliance regime.

Cybersecurity Project Management

Takes care of your project portfolio and helps you to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close cybersecurity projects delivered internally or by your vendors.

Finance Management

Delivers your cybersecurity budget in line with the strategic priorities and business planning cycles while continuously tracking key financial metrics for optimizing the business value of cybersecurity for your organization.


Provides ongoing support, mentoring, and training to your executive team to help them identify, understand, and improve the company’s cybersecurity program and keep up-to-date with key cybersecurity issues and trends.

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

You are struggling to protect your digital environment, align cybersecurity with the business and ensure the execution of the organization’s strategy, objectives, and mission but the immense complexity of cybersecurity demands employing someone with a deep understanding of a diverse range of specific security regulations, technologies, processes, management, and governance strategies.
Unfortunately, such a high-profile security professional is difficult to attain and expensive to keep in-house. Here is what you can get by choosing our team:

Immediate impact on cybersecurity posture and culture

Reduced risk of breach from insecure technology or employee behavior

Helps achieve compliance with security assessment and testing requirements

Real-time visibility over the assessment and testing process

Continuous coverage and on-demand methodology-driven testing

Comprehensive remediation advice

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