Uncover Hidden Risks: Comprehensive Cybersecurity
Testing Keeps Your Organization’s Digital Environment

AMATAS Cybersecurity Testing continuously evaluates your organizational exposure, uncovers complex vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in your digital environment.

Reveals the susceptibility of your employees to social engineering. We help you understand how highly motivated attackers might breach your defenses, how deeply they could penetrate your environment and employees’ minds, the potential impact on your organization, and what you need to do to mitigate the inherent risks.

Get all the features
in a single service:

Secure Code

Pinpoints the security flaws and issues within the code of your applications and third-party components and helps you to reduce the risk of their compromise.


Manual security testing reveals how malicious parties can exploit security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your digital environment and how this can negatively affect your organization.


Identifies security vulnerabilities through automated scanning of your systems and networks using enterprise-grade software solutions to discover security issues efficiently.

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Your company’s business processes and services rely on a sophisticated and rapidly evolving digital environment. However, you are aware that all technology your organization is using is inherently vulnerable, packed with security weaknesses and flaws, managed and operated by people with limited security knowledge.
You must continuously test, identify, analyze, and remediate all security issues before hackers or other determined attackers exploit them and harm your organization and this is where we come into play!
Here is what you can achieve by choosing our team:

Immediate impact on cybersecurity posture and culture

Reduced risk of breach from insecure technology or employee behavior

Helps achieve compliance with security assessment and testing requirements

Real-time visibility over the assessment and testing process

Continuous coverage and on-demand methodology-driven testing

Comprehensive remediation advice

Cybersecurity Testing Focus

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