Virtual Data Protection Officer

Secure your data assets: drive privacy as a strategic business force by legislative Compliance and data management.

Powered by the collective expertise of our battle-hardened privacy experts, AMATAS Virtual DPO service provides the leadership needed to strategically manage privacy risks.

To promote a secure digital culture in the workplace and transform privacy from the role of enforcement into a business-friendly driving force. AMATAS offers a complete team of privacy and personal data experts at your disposal when implementing legislative requirements regarding privacy in your organization and making the proper business decisions to manage personal data.

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in a single service:

Mapping, Gap Analysis, and Implementation

Evaluates the applicable privacy legislation and fully supports framing a data flow mapping, procedural and legal gap analysis, and implementation strategy, along with the assistance in developing privacy policies, procedures, and privacy notices for all data subjects.

Data Administration Support

Supports you in Data breach incident management, the implementation and enforcement of the approved privacy policies and rules, the certification processes, the communication with the supervisory authorities, and regular inventory processes and in the annual review and update of privacy regulations and policies.

Data Governance

Processes your data subject requests and manages an evergreen data inventory and data breach registry, consent, and cookies. Performs privacy compliance audits, vulnerability scanning of the infrastructure, and research, reporting, and updates on the privacy legislation horizon.

Continuous Consulting

Consults you on conducting Risk Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments and applying privacy principles, including accountability, vendor management related to privacy compliance requirements, third-party compliance assessments, data sharing arrangements, and data processing agreements.

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

While adapting to digital modernization, business leaders are forced to make privacy-related risk choices daily without fully understanding the context and all the implications and consequences.
The constant effort to protect the digital environment and to make it safe for business use is becoming overly problematic due to the immense complexity of cybersecurity and privacy requirements, demanding a deep understanding of a diverse range of conditions and specific security technologies, processes, management, and governance strategies.
Here is what you can achieve by choosing our team:

Fraction of the cost of an in-house Data Protection Officer

Increased efficiency in communication with data subjects and supervisory authorities

Complete compliance framework and improvement toward compliance with the applicable privacy regulations and standards

Continuous maintenance of the expert knowledge required by the General Data Protection Regulation

Vulnerability scanning of the infrastructure of the company during audits with advanced tools

Development of a modern and secure customer portal and service desk for the requests of the client

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