Evaluate your cybersecurity through the lenses of a skilled hacker and identify the gaps in your defenses with AMATAS penetration testing.

The penetration testing service finds exploitable blind spots in your security infrastructure.

Discover vulnerabilities and reduce the risk and cost of security breaches before they cause financial, regulatory-related, and reputational damage.

Get all the features
in a single service:

Comprehensive test coverage

Systematic penetration tests that follow established industry methodologies and include extensive suites of tests regularly updated to cover known real-world cyber attacks.

Outstanding vulnerability reporting

One-of-a-kind reporting style, comprehensive description of vulnerabilities combined with actionable remediation advice, suggested remediation timeline, and more.

Attack scenarios

Description of how different attacks can be combined to produce a lager scale attack that has a greater impact on your business assets.

Vulnerability mapping

An interactive map of the tested infrastructure or applications that illustrates how independent vulnerabilities affect the entire network and traces existing attack paths.

Remediation validation

Complimentary retests performed that confirm the remediation of the reported vulnerabilities after all necessary fixes have been applied to the affected systems.

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

New technologies, attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, and exploits arise constantly. It is difficult and time-consuming to stay current with the latest threats and threat actors. This allows hackers to expoit the gap and cause damage to your organization.

AMATAS cybersecurity experts can help you bridge this gap and minimize the risk of successful cybersecurity attacks. Our penetration testing services offer the following additional benefits:

Experience and mature workflows to ensure a reliable and high-quality service

Environment-specific expertise to apply appropriate methods for exploitation

Controlled attack execution using strict guidelines to protect customer infrastructure

Daily status reports and extra reports for critical severity findings provided to customers

Clear informative reporting of the results for both business and technical audiences

Compliance with regulatory standards, such as PCI DSS, ISO, HIPAA, CIS, and NIST

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