Managed Extended
Detection & Response

Enhance network security: embrace the power of defense in
depth and safeguard your network from all angles.

AMATAS Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) provides your company with cost-effective, innovative and easy to use 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and incident response.
We also provide value-added services powered by industry-leading technology and managed by our experienced security analysts.

Get all the features
in a single service:

24/7 monitoring, detection and response

Provides you with powerful technology and dedicated security operations team always ready to deal with any threat, cyberattack, or malicious activity at the moment they touch your environment

Vulnerability Management

Continuously discovers known technical vulnerabilities in your digital environment and helps you to remediate them quickly and efficiently

Threat Hunting

Identifies and uncovers artifacts or indications of adversarial or other malicious activities deeply hidden within your environment before they can turn into a potent threat

Cyber Forensics

Investigates and reconstructs digital events that led to an incident, or an act of cybercrime impacted your organization, and provides you with evidence for the prosecution of the responsible actors

Threat Intelligence

Gives you an insight into ongoing attacks, new threats, advanced persistent threats, cybercriminal, and cyberespionage activities as they develop outside of your environment — hacking communities, cybercriminal groups, Clear/Deep/Dark Web

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

Your digitally-enabled company is constantly under threat of cyber attacks. To ensure your business survival, you must continuously monitor cyber threats both internally and externally and respond efficiently and swiftly to security incidents, but you don’t have the right technology, resources, or expertise. Here is what you can achieve by choosing our team:

Enhanced business resilience and agility

Reduced cyber risk and exposure

Reliable protection of the organizational digital ecosystem

Increased ability to prevent cybersecurity incidents and business interruptions

Helps comply with regulatory and other incident management requirements

Better leverage of existing investments in cybersecurity technology

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