Managed Security

Build a solid and sustainable security culture and a workforce that is better prepared to face the risks of human error.
The Managed Security Awareness (MSA) service helps your organization identify human vulnerabilities.

To understand employees’ security behavior, and deliver adaptive multichannel, business-specific, and employee-centric security awareness programs.

Get all the features
in a single service:

Cybersecurity coaching

Provides your employees with the insights and knowledge they need to secure their digital lives and workspaces.

Security awareness program management

Delivers fully delegated security education, training, and awareness program operation and management tailored to the business context and the culture of your organization.

Training resources

Provides you with the world’s largest library of security awareness training content combined with best- in-class and expertly crafted simulated phishing attacks.

Social engineering susceptibility assessment

Continuously identifies your employees’ psychological vulnerabilities and helps you transform security

Phishing incident response

Delivers near real-time monitoring, expert analysis, and rapid response to the email-based threats that reach your end-users‘ inboxes.

Trust AMATAS cybersecurity experts

Your employees interact with business-critical systems and sensitive data daily. Humans, however, are prone to psychological manipulation, which could lead to wrong decisions. Hackers may exploit these behavioral flaws and seriously harm your organization.
To prevent cyber risks of this kind, you must develop and continually deliver security education, training, and awareness program tailored to the business context and your organizational culture. Here is what you can achieve by choosing our team:

Sustainable improvement of the organizational security culture

Ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards

Improved employee morale and perception of information security

Reduced risk of security incidents related to human behavior

Reduced operational costs and optimized budgets

Build trust and credibility with customers

We are mastering the ongoing concern of

Social engineering attacks

We grant you access to the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training joint with simulated phishing attacks. You also have an assigned cybersecurity coach from our team to guide you through the whole process and help you get the most out of your investment.

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